Dog Finds A Box Filled With Kittens, Insists On Becoming The Foster Parent


Aragon the dog and his owner were out walking one fine day in their hometown in Greece. What they didn’t expect is that the day will bring them an adorable surprise.

The chances of stumbling upon a litter of abandoned kittens or puppies are rather high when walking in Greece, according to The Orphan Pet. That’s exactly what happened to Aragon.

Aragon was walking along the mountain with his owner and a friend.

The Orphan Pet

They found a cardboard box with four kittens inside.

The Orphan Pet

According to the publication, Aragon’s owner, Iro and a friend, weren’t the ones who found the tiny kittens. They said they never intended to go towards the direction of where the box was, but the dog just kept pulling so they ended up following him.

Basically, Aragon was the one who rescued the kitties…

The Orphan Pet

And he’s a really good foster parent.

The Orphan Pet

And it looks like Aragon is really good at being a foster parent. Apparently, it’s not his first time to look after a stray kitten. Aragon had Simone as his first foster kitten. This stray kitty followed him around when he was out walking for a walk on a regular day. One day, the cat just went inside the house with the canine.

Aragon is living in a small apartment and is sharing it with an adopted cat, a foster dog and now — four new little feline members. It isn’t easy having the humans outnumbered but it is definitely is fun and heartwarming.

Aragon truly loves his new rescues.

The Orphan Pet

He plays with them, protects them, gives them a bath and just looks after them.

Aragon loves being a foster parent to the abandoned kittens.
The Orphan Pet

The canine is constantly curious to know what the little ones are up to.

Aragon becomes a good foster parent to four kittens.
The Orphan Pet

It’s heartwarming to see how this good dog can be so loving to animals in need. Soon enough, these kittens will grow bigger and hopefully, they’ll get a new home.

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