Dog’s Reaction After Losing Her Best Friend Deeply Touched The Whole Family


Ever since the first time they’ve met, this dog had been inseparable from her best friend and owner. For the last four years, the dog had never left her friend’s side until their time together was recently cut short.

Meet Belinha the dog and her beloved best friend and owner, Telma Maria.

Dionísio Neto

Earlier this month, Maria passed away after a long battle with cancer. Throughout her painful battle with the illness, Belinha never left her side — and Maria’s spirit was uplifted by the dog’s comforting presence.

“My mother said she was her nurse,” Maria’s son, Dionísio Neto, wrote on Facebook. “Belinha proved to be the most faithful companion.”

Dionísio Neto

Given that the dog was such an important part of her life, it only made sense that Belinda was there to say goodbye at Maria’s wake. Along with other family members, Belinha sat sorrowfully, as if understanding the significance of the solemn gathering.

Maria’s son and the rest of the family were deeply touched by what was going to happen next.

Dionísio Neto

When presented with Maria’s coffin, the dog surprised all the people at the wake by staying by her side throughout the rest of the service — just as she’d always done when her best friend was still alive. Neto decided to take photos of those beautiful moments and wrote a heartwarming post on Facebook.

 “Animals are pure love”

Dionísio Neto

Days after Maria was buried, Belinha continued to mourn, whimpering often in her owner’s absence. So, in hopes of bringing the dog some solace, Neto and a few family members decided to bring Belinha where her beloved best friend now resides — a visit that seemed to put her at ease.

Dionísio Neto

As soon as they arrived at the cemetery, Belinha ran directly to her owner’s grave, despite having not been there when she was laid to rest. Everyone was moved to see that the bond between Maria and her beautiful dog remained unbroken.

“Even in death, my mother is teaching that love is not just for humans. My mother and Belinha show that the love of animals is something greater than many people imagine.”

Dionísio Neto

The family hopes that Belinha’s heart will start to heal, knowing that her best friend is never far away. She can always visit her whenever she wants to. Neto decided to bring Belinha in his home, so the dog won’t have to face the grieving process alone.

Their friendship will never end.

Dionísio Neto

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