Dog Chained To Wall For 8 Years Until One Woman Turned Her Life Around

AMA Animal Rescue

This is a story about an abandoned pit bull who had been neglected and left unattended by her owner for almost 8 years.

Meet Lola!

AMA Animal Rescue

In those many years, the poor dog has never experienced someone to pet her, hug her or spend time with her. Lola was still a puppy when her previous owner abandoned her. Since then, the adorable pit bull had to find food and shelter on the street all by herself.

Fortunately for Lola, the kind-hearted people from AMA Animal Rescue spotted her wandering on the street and decided to take her in.

The animal rescue volunteers approached Lola cautiously at first because they knew the dog hasn’t had human interaction for a very long time. However, the dog surprised her rescuers as she immediately showed her sweet side.

AMA Animal Rescue

Lola is an affectionate and friendly pit bull, which is far way different from what most people expected from the breed.

The rescuers rushed Lola to the animal hospital and she was immediately given a much needed medical attention. That’s when they discovered that the pit bull has two tumors on her mammary glands.

However, everyone was positive that Lola will make a complete recovery after the surgery to remove the tumors.

AMA Animal Rescue

Lola is now living happily with her new mom. She will no longer be alone and scared on the street.

dog chained 8 years
AMA Animal Rescue

“I’m living my dream in NYC with my mom, who totally adores me!”

Lola getting comfortable on her bed!

AMA Animal Rescue

After 8 years of being chained, neglected and unnoticed, Lola is a totally different doggie now.

Look how comfortable she is at her new home. Way to go Lola!

AMA Animal Rescue

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AMA Animal Rescue is a New York State 501(C)3, non-profit animal rescue based out of Brooklyn, NY which consists of young women who find loving, forever homes for stray and shelter animals.

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