Dog Chained For Over A Decade Finally Gets To Experience Love For The First Time


A dog named Diesel is almost 15 years old and completely blind — and has spent his entire life living on a heavy metal chain. Ever since he was a puppy, Diesel lived outside, never knowing what it was like to spend time lounging on a warm couch with people who loved him.

When Diesel was picked up by someone who was supposed to save him, he had finally caught a break, and a “rescue” came to get him — only to be rechained in another house – a life no better than what he was rescued from.

Zoe Kharasch

When the founder of Newman Nation: Senior Pets United, Zoe Kharasch, heard about the poor dog’s story, she knew immediately that she had to try and help him. All dogs deserve a chance to be loved, and Diesel had waited for that chance long enough. He’d been chained up under extreme heat, snowstorms, and even a tornado. It was time for him to finally know life off a chain.

“When I first expressed my dedication to rescuing him, I was met with a lot of skepticism, even from friends,” Kharasch told The Dodo. “People said he would never adapt to living indoors, that he should remain on the chain where he was ‘comfortable’ and even that he should just be euthanized.”

Zoe Kharasch

Despite everyone else’s doubts, Kharasch sent a volunteer to go and pick up Diesel — and from the moment the woman met him to his ride in her car, Diesel was an absolute dream. He was so grateful to finally be free from the heavy chain and wanted nothing more than to play with everyone around him and be loved.

“He was SO excited,” Kharasch told The Dodo. “The one thing he had with him through everything was a beat-up, muddy old tennis ball. His tail didn’t stop wagging for a second and all he wanted was for someone to play ball with him. He had no trouble jumping in the car and sat in the back with the woman’s kids and they rubbed his belly the whole ride.”

Zoe Kharasch

The “rescue” group that claimed to be helping Diesel has since been shut down due to neglect and other issues related to animal abuse.

Diesel was immediately put in a foster home, and the minute he arrived, he leaped onto the couch and sprawled out comfortably for the first time in his life. He made himself at home right away, and no one could believe how well he fit into his foster family right off the bat. He had been waiting his whole life to finally have a loving family, and it seemed that sweet Diesel wasn’t going to take even a second of it for granted.

Zoe Kharasch

“He got to spend Christmas with a family for the first time ever and lots of Diesel fans sent him Christmas gifts,” Kharasch said. “My favorite story from his foster mom was how she got home to the Christmas tree knocked over and him running around the house with ornaments in his mouth.”

Diesel might be a little old, but the sweet dog has so much love left in him. He has since recovered and now looks healthy compared to the day when he was rescued.

Zoe Kharasch

“We learned very quickly that his lack of sight does not slow him down,” Kharasch said. “He is making up for an entire lifetime of not being able to be a real dog and has the energy of a puppy. He loves everyone he meets and has no issues living with MANY other dogs and cats in his foster home. He entertains himself and happily plays with his toys for hours.”

Zoe Kharasch

“Diesel is a true testament to the good nature of dogs and how they forgive so easily,” Kharasch said.

Zoe Kharasch

Despite his rough beginnings, Diesel loves to be around kids, cats, and everyone!

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H/T: The Dodo