The Reason This Dog Escapes The Fence Everyday Will Leave You In Tears


Saki lived in a temporary home while she was being trained as a search and rescue dog. The dog escapes the fence everyday and her trainer wondered why. The German shepherd was rescued from the streets as a puppy and was chosen as part of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, which finds, trains and deploys dogs to search victims of disasters.

Saki’s trainer lived across the Morgans and was giving her the training that she needed. One morning, Saki’s trainer couldn’t find her anywhere. It turns out that Saki crossed the street and found herself in the front door of the Morgans, who is raising a special needs child named Danny.

The patriarch was “conveniently” out of town that time Saki showed up at the Morgans, a family who confessed to being not much of a dog people. When Danny, their family’s special needs son, saw the dog, he immediately hugged her and soon he changed into a different person from his usual self.

Since then, Saki’s trainer has been wondering why the search and rescue trainee would vanish every now and then. Saki would escape through the fence. She’s been keeping a little secret.

Watch the video below to find out more about Saki and her secret.

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