Dog Has Found His Forever Family, But Runs Away From Them To Go To His Foster Mom


Dogs will always find their way to the person who cared for them and has given them love. They will not forget the human that has been kind to them. Despite having found a new family who would love them, a dog would stay loyal to the previous caretaker.

Such is the story of Geoffrey, who has already found a new home and a family, but he doesn’t seem to be happy.

Geoffrey ran away and left his new family.


He wanted to get back to the foster mom he loves.

Geoffrey has grown attached to the foster mom who gave him a temporary home. Because he loves her so much, he ended up running away from his new home.

Despite ending up in a new, loving home, Geoffrey wasn’t happy.

Dog runs away from new family to return to foster mom.

Geoffrey would not be at ease and he kept crying. It was apparent that he missed his foster mom so much. When he ran away, he somehow got lost and the poor dog even got hit by a car.

His foster mom was worried sick about him so she went out looking him. She then got a tip that the dog ended up in a warehouse where he was hiding.

Geoffrey got lost and injured, and ended up hiding in a warehouse.

But his foster mom immediately got him to come out of hiding.

Geoffrey knew that his efforts paid off and his journey was over. He was able to reunite with his foster mom.

Watch the heartwarming reunion in the video below. Prepare some tissues.

Geoffrey finally found his happy ever after. He had it all along and he never wanted it to be taken from him. His foster mom decided to adopt him and permanently give him a home — where he should be.

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