Dog Goes Shopping Alone Every Day, Buys Food Not Only For Himself


Pituco, a dog from Brazil, shows just how awesome his species can get. Every day, the cute canine displays his independence by going to a veterinary clinic to buy himself food. According to Agro Pet’s vet, who told The Dodo, everyone in the area knows about Pituco. So, each time he goes to the shop, he waits for the staff to give him his food. He won’t stop barking until he gets what he came for.

Once Pituco gets the food, he heads straight home. Although a dog going shopping is adorable, it doesn’t mean that Agro Pet will be swayed by his cuteness to give the food free. The shop simply puts everything on a tab and Pituco later on stops by to pay for them.

Pituco goes to a nearby vet clinic every day to shop for his food.

Everyone in the area knows Pituco…

Pituco stops to take a piss on his way home from shopping. 🙂

Pituco is not just one amazing dog because he can shop for his food all by himself. He also thinks of others when he does his errands. Sometimes, Pituco’s owner would call Agro Pet to prepare some food for the cats, birds and other pets and the dog would be happy to pick up the items.

Just looking at Pituco with the parcel in his mouth is so cute. Isn’t he just adorable!? That’s a great boy right there!

Check out Pituco’s journey below!

h/t: The Dodo