Dog Hides Behind The Bushes Each Time Her Mom Calls Her To Leave The Park


Dogs just love that big space where they can run around. For Poppy the pup, there’s just no getting enough of a day out in the park. When it’s time to leave the park, she thinks she has found to stay and not ever let the fun end.

Meet Poppy!

Lisa Brownson

Poppy believed that by hiding behind the bushes each time park time is over, her mom can’t find her and so she gets to stay longer in the area. But Poppy isn’t as brilliant as she believes she is. Lisa Brownson, her human, posted a video of her pooch hiding behind the bushes. And she captioned her video, “And she thinks I can’t see her.”

Poppy is a sneaky little dog who doesn’t like to leave the park when her human calls for her.

Poppy likes hiding behind bushes when her mom calls out to her.

The sneaky little pup pops her head up and down each time her human calls for her. It’s adorable and hilarious at the same time. The cutie also doesn’t seem like she’s intent on responding to the call, with all that grass surrounding her.


Watch Poppy’s adorable way of rebelling against her mom’s wishes by hiding behind bushes in the video below.

Clever dog!

Lisa Brownson

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