Confused Dog Left Hiding In Doghouse After Her Family Moved Without Her


For so many years, this dog lived in a ramshackle doghouse in the yard of her family’s house. After eight long years of pain, his suffering got even worse.

Meet Pamela!

According to Janine Guido, founder of Speranza Animal Rescue in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Pamela’s family had abandoned her after they got evicted from their house. He was left behind with no food and water – basically, she was left for dead by her own family.

“Ever wonder what a dog with a broken heart looks like?  This is where she has lived. For 8 long years. A broken down dog house. But, it’s all she has ever known… The owner of the house was being evicted. However, shortly, after I arrived, he showed up – but not for his dog…..”

Guido had shown up after a local realtor tipped her off that the dog would be homeless. The man being evicted came and helped Guido load Pamela into the car. “The man loaded her into my car, without even saying goodbye. He just shut the door and went back to the house to collect his belongings.”

“She is terrified. She cowers with her tail tucked tight – while growling… But you can tell she is nothing but a sweet soul inside.”

“I see a lot of things. But these to me are the worst. While she doesn’t have physical wounds: hers are emotional. And those are the hardest ones to heal… I can’t wait for the day you realize it’s going to be okay,” Guido wrote on Facebook.

“With tears in my eyes, I’d like to welcome Pamela, to the family.”

Pamela also needed a trip to the animal clinic — she had sores on her body from living outside in filth.

“When I talk to her she just shakes in fear,” Guido wrote. “Her whole body just trembles … Just the look in her eye is breaking my heart.”

But after just a few days, Pamela started kissing Guido’s face. The dog who had lived outside her whole life began to realize that the sudden changes in her life were actually good.

Pamela’s kisses were a little tentative at first. But after a few nice walks with Guido, she’s really come around.

“This morning on our walk, she literally stuck right beside me, never moving more than a foot away,” Guido wrote on Monday. “Every five or 10 steps she would look back at me, jump up and put her legs around my waist. When I knelt down, she began kissing my face. Almost as if saying, ‘I’m OK now.’ These are the moments you live for.”

Even though the dog has clearly made fast progress, no one wants to rush her. It’s very important for Pamela to become fully comfortable in her own skin before any more big changes happen.

Pamela is now free from the filthy doghouse she lived in for eight years.

“She will be fully vetted and hang with us ’til we get to know all her likes and dislikes,” Guido told The Dodo. “But we’re hoping she will be ready for a family in the near future.”

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H/T: The Dodo

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