Dog With Mange, Burn Marks Neglected By Owner Because She Can Simply Be Replaced


When Sidewalk Specials rescuers went on a sterilization drive in Wolseley, South Africa, they stumbled upon one dog neglected by her owners. The family had given her the name Angel, yet they don’t want to have anything to do with her anymore. Angel, who’s only a year old, was unwanted as the owners never planned for her in the first place. She was just there living with them.

Angel was scared when rescuers first saw her in March. She was shaking and was tearing up. She had mange and had burn marks on her body. Sidewalk Specials confiscated her from her owners to give her a transformation that would change her life.

The organization asked for a foster and it seemed as if Angel thought nobody would want her. But once she arrived, there was a big bed waiting for her – one that she enjoys being in so much. She was then taken to Vet Point to get her treatment routine started. Soon after, Angel got a surprise. A family wanted to see her.

That’s when the magic happens. Angel is now living with her humom and two brothers, who have been guiding her as she learns some manners. Angel’s mom is her first official humom and at the same time, she is her first rescue. They belong together.

Two months into her new home, there has been so much progress in Angel’s look. Her skin has healed and she now has fur. Her mom has been hard at work to teach her some manners through clicker training. Angel also gets to chill out with the family cats and go on adventures. She is most alive when she’s out running around the beach.

Angel is just one of the organization’s worst case of neglect and is proof that sterilization is necessary, especially in areas where puppies seem to be born every day.

Check out Angel’s story and transformation in the video below.

Sidewalk Specials is an animal shelter dedicated to saving dogs from the streets of South Africa. For more information, visit their website and Facebook page.


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