Friendly Dog Photobombs Google-Style Street View Photos – And It’s Adorable!


Tourists have Google’s Street View technology to thank for when it comes to getting around conveniently. It helps people determine where to make turns or stops when in unfamiliar places. But recently, tourists may find the tech more interesting because of one thing — a guide dog, who happens to appear in all of the Street View photos of this island.

The photos were taken for Daum, a South Korean-based web portal that offers different services like Maps. This travel service usually hires actual photographers to capture images of roads. For this particular photographer, a photobombing dog seems to be his company, appearing in most of the photos he took of the South Korean island.

This doggo has become a tour guide on a South Korean island.

This fluffy dog photobombs Google Street View photos of a South Korean island

The fluffy dog was captured in a series of photos for a Google-style Street View mode of the place.

This dog loves to be in the photographer’s frame.

That’s an adorable smile right there.

The doggo can be seen waiting patiently for the photographer or already in front of him. It also appears that the dog knows the walk very well. He would lead the photographer up the stairs before taking him to some picnic benches nearby.

He even led the photographer to some stairs.

This has got to be a street view’s most adorable tour guide. Now, thousands of people are trying to know where this specific route hoping that they’ll see this doggo in the area.

It remains unknown who the owner of the dog is and its name. Also, it’s unclear if the photographer owns him or not.

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Images via Imgur