Feral Kitten Rescued By A Dog Could Not Believe She Can Move Her Paralyzed Legs


A poor tiny feral kitten was injured when a kind-hearted dog found her all by herself. As soon as the dog realized that the cat’s hind legs were paralyzed, she immediately decided to bring her to a neighbor who volunteers in a rescue group.

The little kitten who they called McTinybeans was probably just weeks old when the compassionate Doberman found her.

According to The Paw Project, “she was rescued by a kind Doberman who brought her to the neighborhood kitten rescue lady and set her gently in her lap.”

The feral baby feline was in a pretty bad situation as she was covered in fleas with her hind legs paralyzed. Despite the cat’s condition, her rescuers are hopeful that they would be able to save her.


“We’ve had to rehabilitate so many cats who’ve been injured by declawing, we have our tricks.”

The group is definitely determined to do everything that they can to make sure she recovers. McTinybeans has also shown some resilience as she tries to eat on her own without any help despite her paralyzed hind legs.

The rescuers gave her acupuncture therapy and massages using an electric toothbrush.

“The name of the game in spinal cord injuries is to get the brain and the toes talking to each other.”

Fortunately, in just a few days of therapy, the tiny kitten started to feel her hind legs and the adorable thing could not believe it!

“Now she’s getting rehab therapy and her tiny toes and their tiny beans are moving!”

Nobody wanted this kitty because of her paralyzed hind legs, but now she has become the most adorable little feral ever. “This kitten was left to die because she was unable to move her back legs or tail… but look at her now! Nothing like rehab,” the rescue group said.

feral kitten rescued by a dog

We are glad that McTinybeans has survived. She is also expected to grow up with her new family at their furever home.

“McTinybeans started using her back legs to help her get over her obstacle course”

“Look at her feeties move when they touch ice. This helps keep her muscles from atrophying.”

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