Dog With A Taped Mouth And Legs Can’t Control Himself After Being Rescued By Plumbers


A poor dog in Robstown, Texas who had been tied up and muzzle sealed with duct tape has been rescued by two workers from Shoreline Plumbing. It was probably his first taste of human kindness.

The two plumbers were on their way to a job location when they noticed something in a ditch by the roadside. They decided to stop and investigate and discovered that it was a dog. As they get near the poor canine, they were horribly shocked by what they have witnessed.

“We didn’t know he was a dog at first,” Carrillo, an employee of Shoreline Plumbing in Texas, told The Dodo. “We reversed and saw him.”

The dog is tightly tied up with a cable tubes and his muzzle was completely sealed with a duct tape. It was definitely a horrific scene for anybody to see and he is lucky to have been found by two kind-hearted people.

The dog had stayed there all alone with no food and water. It was obvious that its owner has left the pooch there to die. Luckily, the workers were in the right place at the right time, or he would have died from exhaustion.

As soon as the dog was freed, it immediately showed its sweet and friendly side.


To make sure the pooch did not have any serious medical condition, the two quickly load him into their vehicle and rushed to Peewee’s Pet Adoption animal facility. Everyone at the center was shocked how friendly he was despite its misfortune.

According to the volunteers at the facility, the dog is generally healthy, despite a few heartworms. Since the day he was rescued, the pooch could not stop wagging his tail. It was obvious that this doggy loves everyone!

Peewee’s Pet Adoption has already declared the dog safe for adoption. He is now waiting for potential human parents that would take good care of him.


We hope that the pooch will soon find a loving family!

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H/T: The Dodo