Kittens Left Inside During Fire, Then This Dog Did Something Heroic


You may have heard many stories about hero dogs but Leo’s story happens to be one of our favorites. He should be considered one of the greatest hero dogs because he just is.

Meet the four kittens Leo saved

Leo’s home in Melbourne, Australia got caught in a fire. His family was able to escape with one of their dogs, but Leo was nowhere in sight. He didn’t manage to get out of the fire.

Firefighters came to the rescue and went inside the house to look for poor Leo. But what the firefighters found was an adorable scene — it’s guaranteed to melt your heart.

Leo the hero!

Leo was found lying on top of four kittens, seemingly protecting them from the fire. When rescuers got to him, he was lying unconscious.

The firefighters then took Leo away from the fire to safety and gave him oxygen so he would regain his consciousness.

As soon as Leo is back, the first thing he ever did was to tend to the little kittens, licking and cuddling them.


Check out Leo’s heroic story in the video below.

“Firefighters fought a house fire in Melbourne, Australia, on Saturday, only to uncover a pet dog risking his life to protect four kittens trapped in the blaze.”

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H/T: Reuters