Dog Returned Twice To Shelter Because He’s So Scared Of Strangers

Stacey Lambert

A former stray dog named Cloudy was just a puppy when he was saved by Double Dog Rescue in Alabama. Shelter volunteers had high hopes for the adorable dog to get adopted pretty quickly, and the energetic and friendly Lab mix was indeed picked up a few weeks after being rescued.

It seemed as if Cloudy had already found his forever home when his new family decided to return him to the Shelter. People at the Double Dog Rescue shelter were positive that the puppy would soon find a loving family and he did – unfortunately, Cloudy was returned to the shelter for a second time.

Meet Cloudy, the sweetest shelter dog!

Stacey Lambert

Cloudy is probably the sweetest dog in the world, but he keeps getting returned back to the shelter because he is terrified of strangers.

Whatever happened to the dog before he was rescued has definitely given him some serious anxieties about meeting strangers, and his first two families just weren’t able to cope with them. Once Cloudy is comfortable with someone, though, they’re his friend for life — he just needs a little time and patience to get to that point.

Stacey Lambert

“We don’t know what happened to him before, but we do know he has been tossed around A LOT and he isn’t very trusting of strangers,” Stacey Lambert, Cloudy’s foster mom, told The Dodo. “However, once he is comfortable with someone, he LOVES his people. He is the biggest mushy love, so loyal and is just a big mushy lapdog with us at home.”

Stacey Lambert

Despite his rough beginnings, Cloudy loves to play around especially if he is given the opportunity to roam outside the shelter. He absolutely likes a little fresh air, and seems to forget how scary the world can be when he has time to just let loose and romp around in the great outdoors.

Stacey Lambert

“Cloudy has lots of energy and just wants to play,” Lambert said. “He makes such a good running partner and loves going on hikes! He is also OBSESSED with flat soccer balls; he runs around the yard with it in his mouth just whipping his head around. He’s very good at fetch, but he loves his ball so much that it is sometimes hard to get him to drop it.”

The dog definitely needs a family who has lots of space, so he can have the opportunity to run around and be outside. Cloudy also loves to be around other dogs.

Stacey Lambert

Cloudy is such a sweet, fun-loving dog, and just needs a family who is willing to give him a chance.

“He needs a home that will be patient with him and teach him to trust other people,” Lambert said.

Stacey Lambert

For more information about the sweet Cloudy, you can contact Double Dog Rescue shelter for more information.

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