Dog Saved From Meat Farm Refuses To Sleep On Her Bed And The Reason Will Crush Your Heart


Dog meat trade is still rampant in countries like China and South Korea. Recently, rescue group Humane Society International was able to save 200 dogs that are about to be butchered in Wonju, South Korea for their meat. One of the fortunate dogs is Harriet, who was already being rehabilitated so she can be rehomed and have a chance to live a normal life.

Harriet and the 14 other rescues were able to have a safe haven after they were flown to Tambay Bay, Florida, but even though she was out of the danger zone, her past still has a hold on her.

Harriet was given a chance to live how normal dogs should.

Dog saved from South Korean dog meat farm
Humane Society of Tampa Bay/The Dodo

The three-year-old Korean Jindo was being raised in a South Korean dog meat farm.

Humane Society International

Harriet and 200 other dogs were saved from a horrible fate.

Humane Society International

Harriet was so used to her difficult living condition, that even though she’s in a new, safer place, she still acts like a prisoner.

Volunteers spent days working with the scared and withdrawn Harriet.

Humane Society of Tampa Bay/The Dodo

And when they gave her a bed, she didn’t know what to do with it.

Humane Society of Tampa Bay/The Dodo

It is believed that Harriet got used to sleeping standing up because as dogs being raised for meat in South Korea, they are placed in cramped cages where they will stand on their own filth and even fall asleep.

With the dedication and persistence from volunteers, Harriet was able to sleep properly for the first time.

She also learned how to walk on a leash.

Humane Society admits that it will still take more work to make Harriet see that her new world is a happy and safer one.

“Even though our Korean pups are doing well and beginning to adjust, they are still suffering from the horror they endured. These dogs have been on an arduous journey and still have a long way to go, but we are hopeful that wagging tails and snuggley beds will become their norm.”

Watch the video below to see Harriet’s reaction to her new bed.

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Source: The Dodo