5 Effective Puppy Potty Training Products To Have


Bringing home a puppy is an exciting new journey – one that’s going to be filled with adventure, lessons, disappointments and of course love. But having a puppy is not all sunshine and rainbows because you have to deal with chewed up furniture and wires, and of course potty training puppies. 

Potty training puppies is not only good for you and your home but also for the puppy. You wouldn’t want a puppy doing its business anywhere in the house, would you? What happens then is that you won’t be happy having to constantly clean up after accidents. Eventually, you might reprimand the puppy and get mad at him/her. Some dog owners even surrender or abandon their puppies just because they can’t achieve success with potty training.

It’s much easier if you potty train a dog and discipline it early on. This way, it makes it easier to take care of them – plus, you’ll be raising a happy dog. How to be successful in potty training a puppy?

Patience is key in puppy potty training

Training a puppy to relieve will not be an overnight success. Young pups cannot hold their pee in and may need to go every few hours. At some point, there will be accidents, too, but it’s totally fine. It’s part of the process. The important thing is that you have to be patient all throughout and be consistent with your routine. More importantly, provide a reward whenever your pup gets it right.

Working with potty training products

Apart from patience and consistency, you will also need the help of products that can improve your success rate in potty training puppies. So before you bring home your pup, make sure you have some handy supplies to help you with the training. Here are products that have worked for many owners, which you might also give a try.

1. Dog training pads

Housetraining your pup is the best approach if you want to avoid accidental poops and pees in your condo or apartment. Can’t get outside to let your pup do its business? Use puppy training pads! Keep the mess contained and never have to worry about accidents anywhere in the house.

Great quality brands offer layers of protection that are highly absorbent. Some puppy training pads also come with a scent that attracts the pup when it’s time to go.

2. Potty training spray

By nature, dogs like to mark their territory by urinating on a certain spot. Using this same principle, pet supply companies have formulated a spray that can be used to attract dogs to a certain spot where they should do their business. Make puppy potty training efforts easier with a potty training spray.

3. Odor and stain remover

As previously mentioned, training a pup how to go potty won’t be successful overnight and so expect a few accidents here and there. That said, you will need the help of odor and stain eliminators. Pet stains can be stubborn and hard to remove, but with a stain remover, you will no longer have to deal with that.

The odor and stain remover also works as a deterrent, as puppies tend to go back to the spot where they can smell their scent. If you want puppy potty training to be effective, you need to eliminate any trace scent to discourage them from coming back.

4. Potty patch

A potty patch is extremely helpful when you live in an apartment or if you end up becoming busier than usual. This disposable potty patch comes with real grass so it can mimic a natural potty for your pup. Also, when you use one with grass, it helps in the easy transitioning once you bring your dog outdoors. Sometimes, dog owners just like it because they are more attractive than a regular pee pad.

5. Puppy treats

Because in potty training puppies, reinforcing good behavior is essential to the success of your training. Always keep puppy treats on hand so you get to give them once you catch your pup doing the good deed.

6. Pooper scooper

Keep this handy tool in your home whenever you bring home a puppy. This makes cleanup of accidents rather easy. Plus, it’s a must bring when you go out with your dog. Some pooper scoopers with waste bags so you can set out with your furry companion without any problems.

All these tools are extremely helpful but the effectiveness in making your puppy potty training a success still depends on your consistency and patience. Good luck with housetraining your pup!


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