Elderly Man Lost Everything To Fire, Now He Hugs His Beloved Kitten For Comfort


An 83-year-old man in Turkey named Ali Meşe lost everything he owned to a terrible fire. Fortunately, the poor man was able to save his beloved kitten as he was seen hugging him for comfort as both of them helplessly watched their home burn down.

Ali Mese accidentally burned down their single-story wooden house when he tried to light a heating stove. Something went wrong with the stove that led to an explosion in the family room.

Firefighters were able to save Mese along with his wife, his son, and their beloved kitty.

Despite being homeless because of the house fire, the family is happy that everyone is safe including the little feline.

Mese finds comfort by hugging his frightened cat. Both of them were seen comforting each other during this difficult time. It was such a beautiful sight despite the horror of watching your house getting burned down to ashes.

“Love is everything when his house burned to the ground he made sure to save his biggest treasure”

After being taken to the hospital for minor injuries because of the fire, Mese was reunited with his cat and gave him hugs and kisses. The tiny feline was unharmed during the unfortunate event, and now he lets his human know that everything is going to be okay.


The Turkish Red Crescent came to the hospital and brought the kitty a new carrier and some supplies to help them through their recovery.

The photo of Mese hugging his cat has gone viral as people continue to show support and love for his family.

Mese said that the whole family will work together rebuilding their house. They are lucky to be alive and the cat will help them get through the toughest time.

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H/T: The Dodo