Family Finds A Tiny Kitten In The Rain And Completely Transforms Her Life – Heartwarming


A tiny kitten was discovered in the middle of the road lying all alone in the rain. The heartbreaking photo has quickly become viral and people all over the world are thankful for reddit user Klaanigan, who rescued and posted the photo online.

Although it is sad to see the little kitten wet and in a terrible shape, his story has quickly transformed into a heartwarming one.

tiny kitten

Klaanigan was with her mother when they discovered the little cat abandoned on the street. She could have been just a few days old as her eyes were still closed.

The kitten is definitely in a life-threatening situation as there are a hundred ways for her to die on the road.

As soon as she saw the tiny kitten, Klaanigan immediately picked her up and gave it to her mom. They decided to bring the cat home after wrapping her in a piece of paper.


They let the poor kitten dry and then feed her from a bottle.


Luckily for the little cat, she was found by kind-hearted people who decided to give her a furever home.

They named the tiny kitten Iris!


We are pretty certain that Iris will live a life full of love! Thank you, Klaanigan and her mom, for letting this abandoned tiny kitten be a part of their family.


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[h/t – The Dodo]