Family In Utah Finds Frozen Kitten In The Snow, Brings It Back To Life

GoPro Awards: Frozen Kitten Lives

A dramatic cat rescue that happened two years ago was caught on tape and quickly went viral after it was posted on YouTube. A family in Utah thought they found a dead kitten during a Thanksgiving morning walk outside a lodge in Garden City.

Branden Bingham and his whole family were on a vacation when his son discovered something that could have potentially ruined a happy holiday.

GoPro Awards: Frozen Kitten Lives

“My oldest son kind of tripped and fell right next to what he thought was a dead cat, a tiny little white snowball kitten,” Branden Bingham said to ABC News. “I was totally sure the cat was dead.”

GoPro Awards: Frozen Kitten Lives

The cat was not moving lying face down in the snow. Everyone thought the poor kitten was already dead except for Branden’s animal-loving brother, Justin Bingham.

Justin, who took pre-veterinary classes, brought the frozen kitten indoor in an attempt to show everyone a “miracle.”

GoPro Awards: Frozen Kitten Lives

“I actually took the kids back outside to have fun while Justin worked with the cat,” Branden Bingham said. “We played outside, threw snowballs and tried to get back to a happy Thanksgiving morning.”

In the meantime, Justin sat in front of the fireplace with the kitten in his hand hoping to get some response. He moved the cat around in his hands and pumped his chest to get the blood flowing.

GoPro Awards: Frozen Kitten Lives

“It was a good hour before he showed a visible breath,” Justin Bingham said. “Then finally after rubbing his back and rubbing his belly and under his arms and his head, he twitched his mouth and I saw his tongue move.”

The rest of the family did not expect the kitten to survive and everyone was blown away when they realized that the tiny frozen cat was alive.

GoPro Awards: Frozen Kitten Lives

“The adults were stunned and the kids were joy-filled, jumping up and down. They were running around the lodge yelling to every kid who didn’t know yet, ‘The cat’s alive!'” Branden Bingham said.

The kids wanted to keep the cat but Branden’s wife is allergic and his brother, Justin, already has two cats, so they let their cousin Becca take care of it until they can find him a furever home.

GoPro Awards: Frozen Kitten Lives

However, when Brendan and his family visited the cat, his wife had no allergic reaction so they quickly decided to take the kitten home with them.

They named him Lazarus-Olaf!

GoPro Awards: Frozen Kitten Lives

“My kids have no idea who Lazarus is and they want to call him Olaf because they know Olaf as this thing raised from the snow and given life,” he added. “So his name is Lazarus-Olaf and anyone can call him what they want.”

Watch the video below:

This is Lazarus-Olaf the frozen kitten today!

I’m sorry, whose bed did you say this was? LOL

 frozen kitten
Frozen kitten

Sweet dreams everyone!

Frozen Kitten

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H/T: ABC News