Feral Cat Saved From Death Row Feels Love For The First Time


Crabby was a feral cat who dodged a deadly fate when rescuers took him in. He was scheduled to be put down but he was saved and given a chance to live. Since then, the feline decided not to want to have anything to do with humans.

Crabby was saved from death row and has become an angry cat since.

Love Your Feral Felines/LoveMeow

Love Your Feral Felines, a California-based rescue group took in Crabby and saved him from death row. According to the group, who told Love Meow, Crabby, a.k.a. Mr. Crabs, had a rough time dealing with his rescuers and was obviously not happy being around them.

Soon enough, Crabby was found a home in a barn where he would be part of the rodent control. Even then, he was so angry and stressed and had a difficult time during the first few days of transition.

After four weeks, the feral cat still wouldn’t want to get near his new family that he would just stay in the garage.

Love Your Feral Felines/LoveMeow

The family slowly approached Mr. Crabs, giving him food just outside the garage. But the family noticed and realized something — Crabby is not really fond of the outdoors.  The cat gathered up the courage to meow at the back patio door as if asking to get inside.

Eventually, Crabby felt a bit comfortable with his new home and one day, he surprised his family by walking inside the house and not avoiding everyone. The family were just glad to see him do his own thing.

Six months later, Crabby knew that he has found a kind-hearted family.

Love Your Feral Felines/LoveMeow

He jumped on the couch to get some love and the rest is history.

Love Your Feral Felines/LoveMeow

Crabby has become an indoor cat…

Love Your Feral Felines/LoveMeow

He only lets himself out if he wants to hang around with his humans.

Love Your Feral Felines/LoveMeow

And of course, he’s become a daddy’s boy, constantly getting back rubs from his human dad.

Love Your Feral Felines/LoveMeow

Mr. Crabs now lives with a loving family, who had been patient with him and who didn’t give up on making him feel loved. Who would’ve thought that the once feral cat from death row would become an adorable lap cat?

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h/t: LoveMeow

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