Firefighter Attempts Resuscitation On Dog Pulled From Burning House


First responder Andrew Klein from the Santa Monica Fire Department is just one of the many real-life heroes of today. But he became Marley’s ultimate lifesaver last week.

Marley and his “humom’s” home got caught on fire last week and the little pooch got trapped inside. It just so happened that portrait photographer Billy Fernando passed by the scene. He stopped by to capture photos of the heroes in action. However, he may have just taken more than just firefighters putting out the fire.

Fernando told The Dodo that he saw Klein running towards the grass area and it appeared that he was carrying something. It was then that Fernando realized Klein was carrying a pooch that had been trapped inside the burning home.

“The dog was unconscious, limp and not moving at all,” the photographer described. But Klein didn’t want the little pet to go soon. He then began to resuscitate Marley with CPR.

Santa Monica Fire Department first responder Andrew Klein pulled this little pooch out of the fire building.

Not wanting to give up on the little dog, he performed CPR on him without hesitation.

Klein tried for 20 minutes before the pooch showed signs of life.

Portrait photographer Billy Fernando was in the area when the fire happened.

He snapped some pictures of the firefighters and Klein’s successful attempt at resuscitating Marley.

Marley’s human definitely cried tears of joy when he was saved. It was indeed a happy ending and the firefighting heroes have done it again.

All photos by Billy Fernando

h/t: BoredPanda



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