10-Year-Old Climbs Tree To Rescue Best Friend Cat – Mom Ends Up Calling Firefighters


A relationship between an animal and a child is like no other. It’s the purest form of friendship that one will do anything to protect the other.


A 10-year-old named Aashir Alauddin and his two-month-old cat Alley are best friends. They made a pact that if one is in danger; the other will do everything to save him.

Aashir is a wonderful pet owner and he is trying his best to be a perfect cat dad for Alley.


One morning, Aashir woke up without his favorite friend and it quickly worries him. He searched everywhere inside the house but the kitten is nowhere to be found. When he tried to search for him outside, he heard a tiny meow from above – and there was alley stuck up in the tree next to their house.

Without hesitation, Aashir climbed 18 feet up hoping to save Alley. However, it was pouring rain during that day and moving around the branches made it really hard. Fearing that he might fall, he stopped moving as the branches were too slick.


When his mom saw what happened, she immediately called the authorities and firefighters came to rescue both the cat and his brave friend Aashir.

According to Aashir’s sister, the whole ordeal was pretty scary but she is proud of what her brother had done trying to save the cat. At the end, everything worked out well for everyone.

Firefighters saving Aashir


According to Aashir, what happened during that day made his relationship with his cat even stronger.

When someone asked how much he loves Alley, Aashir simple said “A lot!”

firefighters save kid and his best friend cat

Although we think that a child should never climb a tree that high even if someone is in danger, we are so proud of Aashir. Next time he better calls his parents whenever Alley decides to have a quick adventure again.

Watch the video below:

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