Momma Cat Who Braved Flames To Save Her Kittens Gets Rescued


Flame the momma cat’s story is one that should be remembered. She is a fine example of what mothers can do for the sake of her kids. Alley Cats and Kittens, a rescue organization, found Flame covered in burns. A fire had broken out on the nearby farm where Flame’s litter was.

From the looks of it, Flame had sustained burns as she tried to rescue the kittens she had been nursing. The heartbreaking thing is that the kittens were nowhere in sight.

Volunteers for the organization asked help from the community members to watch out for signs of the kittens’ presence. However, it was believed that the little ones didn’t make it. Flame, on the other hand, was rescued and was put in the intensive care for two weeks at Rufford vets. One veterinarian even took the momma cat home to surround her with love amidst the trauma.

Flame’s hair in different areas of her body was singed. She lost her whiskers and burned her ears. Her paw pads were fused together. As if that’s not heartbreaking enough, she never got the chance to continue nursing and be with her kittens. The good thing now is that Flame has been rescued and given the love and attention she needed.

Flame the momma cat was rescued from a fire that broke out in a barn.

Rescuers gave her the name Flame because of what she’d been through.

Flame had given birth to her kittens, who were believed to have perished in the fire.

Flame the cat braved the fires just to rescue her kittens, but somehow they weren’t found.

Flame the momma cat braved the fire to save her kittens.

Veterinarians took in Flame and put her in intensive care for weeks to let her recover.

One veterinarian even took her home to show her love amidst the trauma.

Though Flame’s experience was traumatic, not only because she’s been burned but because she lost her kittens, she can still be considered lucky to have survived.

Images from asifyoudid/Imgur

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