15-Year-Old Former Stray Cat Finally Finds True Love After Many Years – Heartwarming


An old stray kitty was saved while trying to survive on the dangerous streets of New Jersey. When the rescuers took her into the Voorhees Animal Orphanage, they noticed that the cat was craving for some TLC

According to the staff, this scraggly stray cat should have been enjoying his golden years with his family. “This super affectionate fellow shouldn’t be spending his golden years in the shelter,” the shelter said.

Voorhees Animal Orphanage

Because of his lovable personality, the former stray cat they named Barnaby quickly became the apple of the eye at the shelter. He captured everyone’s heart. They thought that if only there is someone out there interested in giving him a furever home, he would be a wonderful companion.

One day, Dr. Ed Sheehan and his wife Clare Sheehan of Sheehan Veterinary Centre noticed a post about Barnaby on Facebook.

“When we saw his picture, etc on Facebook we felt that he really needed lots of vet care just on his age and appearance,” Clare said.

They immediately called the shelter and offered to give Barnaby a furever home right away.

The people at the shelter couldn’t be any happier knowing that the adorable cat will no longer have to be alone until he crosses the rainbow bridge.

Barnaby on his way to a new family that is willing to give him all the TLC that he needs.

Sheehan Veterinary Centre

As soon as they arrived at Doctor Sheehan’s office to have him checked, people quickly took notice of his lovable personality. Barnaby also did not waste time and immediately explore the area as if he has been there many times in the past.

Sheehan Veterinary Centre

“When mopping the floors he followed behind to make sure no spot was missed, and at the end of the night he sits on my lap to make sure I do the books correctly,” Rachel, a vet tech of Sheehan Veterinary Centre, said.

“We have him on antibiotics and he seems to be improving! He has put on weight (almost a whole pound), and his coat is even starting to look better,” Rachel added.

This 15-year-old cat does not really act his age. He is lively and always ready to play.

“He loves his special senior food, and enjoys being brushed regularly. He also takes his antibiotics like a champ and doesn’t complain at all.”

Sheehan Veterinary Centre

Dr. Sheehan and his wife are committed to giving this former stray cat a comfortable life.

“Barnaby is more than a ‘house cat’ to us. He is well loved and very cared for by Dr. Sheehan, myself and our entire staff that he loves,” Dr. Sheehan’s wife said.

Sheehan Veterinary Centre

“Also Doc noticed his dilated pupils. He feels it’s his old age as he doesn’t see much. He has adjusted well and is getting lots of love and care. He’s a happy boy.

stray cat
Sheehan Veterinary Centre

“Keeping him healthy and happy is our goal and to make the rest of his life a happy one. Who knows the trials and tribulations he went through but now his Veterinarian Dad and I and the rest of his Vet Tech and Assistants family will love and care for him,” Clare said.

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