Foster Kitten Who Forever Be Tiny In Size Has Found Her Forever Home


A tiny kitten was brought to a foster home along with his siblings from the same litter. All of them appear to be normal until everyone realized that the ginger one was much smaller than the others.

Meet Widdle the tiny ginger kitten!

An animal hospital staff and a fosterer based in New Zealand, named Jessie, decided to foster several kittens including two tiny ones from the Kitten Inn, a rescue group in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Despite his small size, Widdle stands out among them.

At six weeks old, the tiny ginger boy had the size of a 4-week-old kitten. Although he is the tiniest, Widdle appeared to be the happiest kitten and the one with overflowing energy. That’s the reason why Jessie quickly took a liking to her and became her shoulder kitty.

“I fostered him for months while he didn’t really grow. His sister and foster siblings all grew as normal and were returned to find new homes,” Jessie said during an interview with Love Meow.

“Widdle stayed and stayed. He wriggled his little orange way into our hearts and souls.”

“By the time they got to 12 weeks, he was half her size,” Jessie told Love Meow.

Although he is small, doctors did not really find anything wrong with him other than his size. The vet team is determined to find out exactly what caused his slowness in growth.

“We have a line of testing worked out for him that he is currently too young for, but for now he is very happy and by all accounts, seems healthy,” Jessie told Love Meow.

Widdle might be small, but the kitten has the biggest heart!

He loves to play with things and claims them as if he owns them.

“Widdle comes to work with me nearly daily. He is my buddy,” Jessie told Love Meow.

“He is a shoulder cat through and through, to everyone – whether they like it or not.”

This tiny kitten is just so adorable!

“Widdle was fashioned a hat in complimentary colours,” Jessie said.

“He weighed about 360g when he came in and weighs about 750 now. He’s 17 weeks old now and about the size of a 7-week-old kitten,” Jessie told Love Meow.

“A tiny crown for a tiny King.”

It is pretty clear that Widdle had captured Jessie’s heart in a big way.

“He is the happiest little critter and very relaxed and loving. He hops onto everyone’s shoulder so he can be tall. He is my pride and joy,” Jessie told Love Meow.

Widdle might be a forever tiny kitten, but the cat definitely has a larger-than-life personality.

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Source: LoveMeow

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