2 Foster Kittens Know For The First Time How It Feels To Cuddle With Human Dad


There is power in touch — it’s warm and therapeutic, and for the first time, two foster kittens were able to feel it from their human dad. Not all people are thrilled about the idea of cats, especially when they think that these creatures are not as friendly or affectionate. However, when it comes to snuggling, cats are the best.

Cats are known to be unapproachable but deep down, they are touchy-feely and they enjoy cuddles. Little kitten siblings, Bella and Bosco are proof.

Meet motherless kittens, Bella and Bosco, with their foster dad.

justin sandler

In a video posted by Justin Sandler, Bella and Bosco’s foster dad, the little furballs did not think twice about getting really comfortable with their foster dad.

Bella and Bosco became orphans at only two weeks old.

justin sandler
Justin Sandler

As newborn kittens, they constantly need warmth.

Justin Sandler

Since Bella and Bosco are without moms, they were still fortunate enough to have Justin around, especially during naptime, when they need to snuggle. Newborn kittens need help in regulating their body temperatures. This is the reason why they need to cuddle — it’s survival for these kittens.

The little kittens just love to cuddle.

Bella and Bosco just love to cuddle

It’s hard not to find kittens adorable, especially when these balls of fur curl up or crawl into warm places, like their dad’s shoulders.

Check out the video below. Prepare to have your hearts melted.

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