‘Gifted’s’ Fred The One-Eyed Cat: What To Know About The Feline Celebrity


If you haven’t watched Chris Evans’ new movie Gifted, you should go and watch it now. Not only is it because the hunk Chris is starring in an emotional role but also because in the movie, he and his niece, played by McKenna Grace, own a one-eyed cat named Fred.

Spoiler alert — the kid brought Fred to school and amazed her classmates and teacher with his uniqueness. Fred managed to capture the heart of the audience and here are some of the facts about the cat who played the character you might want to know.

The cat who plays Fred actually has two eyes. But as expected in the entertainment industry, Fred was made to look like he only has one eye through digital enhancement. Nothing new there.


Real-life inspiration

Gifted was penned by writer Tom Flynn, who actually has a one-eyed cat in real life. The inspiration for Fred the cat was from Flynn’s own feline friend, who is also named Fred.


Chris Evans is a dog person

Evans is not into cats since he claims to be a “dog lunatic.” While filming gifted, he even fell in love with a dog when doing the animal shelter scene. The actor then adopted the mutt and named him Dodger.


Cast’s cat allergies

Another spoiler alert for those who haven’t watched the drama film yet, Mary’s maternal grandmother, played by Lindsay Duncan, abhor cats and that’s because she’s allergic to them. She even had Fred surrendered to an animal shelter (oh no she didn’t!), where he was about to be euthanized. Luckily, Captain America saved the day!


In real life, though, it was Grace who has allergies to the cat. And you can just imagine her cuddling Fred and carrying him while filming the movie. But that doesn’t really matter because, although she is allergic to cats, Grace said she adores them.

Have you watched Gifted? Do you think Fred is awesome? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. I’ve seen this movie “Gifted” 6 times now! Awesome movie and I love the beautiful cat! Cat I am! My lovely cat “Winkin” past away 3yrs ago now! She was 19 yrs old! McKenna was awesome, Ms. Duncan was great, Chris is always great! But love Octavia! Great writing! Thank you!!!

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