Cowboys Herding Thousands Of Cats Is Dangerous – Funniest Commercial Ever


There has been a debate as to what could be the toughest job in the world. Many people would say a Police Officer, a Fireman, or maybe a United States Marine – but no! The most dangerous job out there is being a Cat Herder!

Every cat lover must see this award winning advertisement showing a bunch of tough cowboys herding many cats across the Montana Prairie. According to one of the herders, their job is much different from the others – and it’s pretty dangerous!

“Anyone can herd cattle but holding together 10,000 half wild short hairs is completely different altogether”

The commercial also shows the battle these Cowboys have to face to become successful with this tough job.

Not a lot of people know about this but the advert had won several awards including a Cannes Silver Lion in 2000 and a Bronze Clio in 2001. Former US president Bill Clinton once mentioned that this cat commercial is his favorite of all time.

It’s a jungle out there and herding wild short hairs ain’t easy! LOL

Now, you’ve seen the video, you’ve seen how tough it is – do you still want to be a tough cat herder?


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