7 Funny Overheard Cat Stories To Crack You Up


Cats can be utterly weird but it’s their very strange behavior that makes a cat owner’s life very interesting.  They bring happiness with every purr and bunts. But sometimes, they can also give us headaches, especially if they really don’t want to do what is asked of them.

You can’t blame the cat – it’s just the way it is. Nevertheless, your life will not be boring with them around. Such are these stories compiled by Bright Side that prove how awesome it is to have a feline companion.

#1. Copycat.

“Cats are weird, OK, but this… I get up before my husband, and our cat sleepily follows me to the bathroom, where his toilet is. Here we sit together, and then I realize he’s simulating! He’s just pretending to do his business! Probably repeating after me. Why in the world would he? Only he knows.”

#2. The favorite hole


“We have a separate bath and toilet, but there’s a hole in the wall between them, under the bath. Not long ago, we took in a kitten, and he developed this habit of wriggling through that hole and into the toilet! He’s still afraid of water in the sink or the bath, but the toilet is his favorite place. Now he’s grown up and doesn’t fit in the hole anymore. So he goes to the kitchen, kicks over his water bowl, and plunges right into the spill.”

#3. Sneaky, evil queen

Funny cat stories are guaranteed to make you laugh
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“My tabby cat’s been trying to get rid of our tomcat since time immemorial. Her latest attempt was when I was having my dinner in the kitchen with the cats sitting beside me. I had to leave the room for a while, and after a few minutes, my kitty ran to me howling and calling me back. So I came and saw the tom eating away from my plate, which was lying on the floor. I started scolding the tom and thanking my kitty for her vigilance, but then I found out it was she who tipped the plate in the first place and then ran after me. How do I know? My boyfriend was sitting there and laughing.”

#4. The neglectful owner

“My cat always hides her kittens very well. But if I’m not in a hurry to give her food, she brings them to me one by one and sits looking me in the eye, as if saying, “I’m a mother, and you don’t give me food! Shame on you!”

#5. Babytalking the cat

“We live in an apartment building with very thin walls, and you can hear almost everything. Last year, a girl of about 17 or 19 moved into the apartment next to ours. And each day, several times a day, the whole year, she’s been talking to her cat like this: “Fluffy, HOW can you be such a good cat? Tell me, HOW COME YOU’RE SO GORGEOUS? Gosh, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!”

#6. What a cat really is

“Friends of ours threw their cat out, and we took it in. We knew he was deaf and didn’t react to any sounds whatsoever but was otherwise a fine and friendly furry buddy. So he’d lived with us for two years when all of a sudden he started to play with plastic bags, react to the sound of the food bag, and come when called. It turned out he was perfectly healthy and just didn’t give a damn about anyone. A true cat.”

#7. Revenge

“One day, I opened a bottle of beer and the cap accidentally flew right into my cat. In the morning, I found my shoes full of pee, and that same bottle cap was lying next to them. At first, I laughed, and then I realized it all.”

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  1. One afternoon a family member had to go upstairs to use the bathroom to do, well, number 2. Little did she know that our male Siamese cat was right outside the door, waiting for her to come out. When she did, the cat turned away, batted his nose on both sides a few times, and went running down the stairs, as fast as he could, all the while mutteringly complaining about the horrible smell.

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