Germans Launch A Petition To Save Chico, The Dog Who Mauled His Disabled Owner To Death


People in Germany have launched a campaign to save Chico’s life and stop him from being euthanized. Chico the dog attacked and killed his disabled owner and her son last week. Authorities found the dead bodies of 52-year-old Lezime K and her 27-year-old son Liridon in their home in Hanover last Tuesday.

Authorities decided to have the dog put down but they are now being forced to reconsider their decision after an online petition was launched to let the dog live.

The online petition found on, titled Let Chico Live, stated that Chico should be allowed to live. It was the authorities’ responsibility to remove him from his owners in the first place, having known that he is a strong and powerful dog trained to fight.

Hanover city spokesman Udo Moller told reporters that had there been interventions from an expert to assess Chico’s behavior, his owners would have been banned from keeping him.

More than 270,000 people signed the petition to let Chico live, as of this writing.

Chico, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, mauled his owners to death.

Lezime’s daughter was the one who discovered the grisly scene. She decided to pay her mother a visit at her flat after failing to contact them. After getting the shock of her life, the daughter then phoned the police.

Authorities said firefighters had to be called for assistance in catching the dog before they can get inside the flat. The coroner’s report stated that Lezime and Liridon died from blood loss.

Local media reported that Lezine got the dog herself after she was left wheelchair-bound following a domestic abuse from her husband. Lezime’s husband is now in prison after he attacked her with an ax. Reportedly, she got Chico so she and her son will have a protector.

In 2011, however, a social worker suggested that Lezime and her then-20-year-old son who had learning difficulties to let the dog undergo training since the family was unable to cope with the dog’s “permanent aggression.”

As per the social worker’s report, Chico was described to be a “fighting machine.”

A dog trainer advice the veterinary inspection office to be the one to clear Chico, whether he’s safe to be around the family or not. However, the family didn’t present the dog to authorities and there has been no follow-up.

People have rallied outside of the veterinary inspection office, calling for Chico to be saved. Chico has since been put in a cage in a dog home Tierheim  Hanover. As reported by local media, hundreds of people have expressed their willingness to help find the dog a new home.

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