A California City Passes Law Forcing Pet Stores To Exclusively Get Animals From Shelters

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Over the last few years, selling animals in pet stores has slowly been controlled, thanks to a ban imposed by different cities across the United States. Recently, another major city in the country has decided to join the fight against the commercial sale of animals at different pet stores.

Front Street Animal Shelter

Lawmakers from Sacramento, California have passed a law stating that all animals being sold in pet shops must come from rescues or shelters in the city. Although most of the pet stores in Sacramento were already practicing this, the new regulation will surely encourage other major cities in the U.S. to follow.

As of today, there are 213 American cities that have passed a law banning the commercial sale of animals. This action will certainly help several animal rights organizations across the nation that have put so much effort in stopping the bad practices of selling these poor animals. It also promotes pet adoption and forces the people behind puppy mill and backyard breeding to stop their operations.

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The war against the maltreatment of animals might not have an easy solution, but reducing the number of pet stores that support puppy mill and backyard breeding can definitely help put a stop to them in a big way.

According to reports, several people in the government are trying to make this a law across the state of California after a similar bill was filed in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Animal rights movement considers this a big blow to the people who practice the commercial sale of animals in pet stores.

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Source: The Dodo

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