Unwanted Ginger Cat Surrendered Twice, Finds Woman He Loves and Wouldn’t Let Go

Kristi Curtis

An unwanted cat has already been surrendered to the shelter twice and was desperately in need for someone to love him unconditionally. When he finally found a family that is willing to give him all the love in the world, he held onto them tightly and wouldn’t let go.

Meet the adorable ginger cat, Aslan!

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

Aslan craves for love and attention and he never fails to remind his human family about it. He was surrendered to a rescue group in Elkhart, Indiana called Here Kitty Kitty Rescue because his former family could no longer take care of him.

Aslan’s favorite thing to do is to cuddle with his human family, and he always let them know whenever it’s time for them to take a break and spend some cuddling moment with him.

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

The sweet ginger cat was immediately adopted a few days after his first owner surrendered him to the shelter. However, that ended sadly for Aslan pretty quick.

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

“Our dearest Aslan was returned a day of being adopted due to no fault of his own,” the group said.

Despite the heartbreak, the rescue organization did not give up on Aslan until an amazing woman named Kristi Curtis called Here Kitty Kitty Rescue.

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue

“The most amazing things in life tend to happen right at the moment you’re about to give up hope.”

Kristi found out about Aslan’s story and there was nothing more she wanted to do but adopt the poor cat.

Kristi knew she had to give Aslan the love that he deserves.

Kristi Curtis

The moment she picked him up, the sweet ginger kitty wouldn’t let go of his new human mom. It was love at first sight for Kristi and the feeling is mutual for Aslan.

“We learned that he loves rings from the milk carton, and she tells me cute stories like how he loves the window open even in winter and will cry at the window when she closed it.”

“You can be sitting on the couch and he will come lay on your feet. He loves his belly rubbed,” Kristi told Love Meow.

Kristi Curtis

“He will flop down on the ground if you’re simply just touching his head so that you will rub his belly. He also has a very unique meow. He squeaks!”

Kristi Curtis

“He has a heart warming story and is the poster cat for why you should adopt not shop. This cat is amazing!”

ginger cat
Kristi Curtis

Aslan is happy to have a loving home!

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H/T: LoveMeow