Officer Steps Up To Foster Kitten Who Was Rescued From Golden Gate Bridge


The California Highway Patrol in Marin started receiving calls on June 25 about a stray kitten that got stuck in the Golden Gate Bridge. Officers were then sent to the scene in the afternoon to investigate and that’s when they discovered that a tiny feline was indeed stuck in the middle of the iconic bridge.

Upon making the first pass along the bridge, CHP officers failed to see anything. However, they refused to give up and give it another try. They passed the bridge the second time around and that’s when they saw a “little furry head popping out from inside of the movable median barrier that separates the northbound and southbound lanes.”

This cat was found stuck in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge.


The animal-loving officers set up to block the lane of traffic and quickly picked up the scared little cat. He was taken to the VCA Madera Pet Hospital so he could get cleaned up. How this small cat ended up getting stuck in the great bridge remains unclear. People also wonder how he was able to remain safe despite the oncoming traffic.

The staff at the animal hospital couldn’t find the kitten’s owner because it had no collar on and no microchip. So one of his rescuers, Officer Smith, decided to foster the kitten and let him recover to full health.

The cat was taken to an animal hospital where he was bathed and treated.


The kitten also received a goodie bag filled with health essentials.


One of his rescuers, Officer Smith, stepped up to foster the kitten.

Bridges is the Golden Gate Bridge kitten saved by the officers of CHP-Marin

“No collar and no microchip made it impossible for us to locate an owner, so Officer Smith told them he would foster the little guy and nurse him back to health. He was shocked when they refused any payment for their services and sent him on the way out the door,” the CHP department wrote on Facebook.

“We are so grateful for such a caring group of people who truly care about the well-being of an animal in need of some TLC. You are absolute rock stars in our books!”

The kitten has been given a temporary name of Bridges and she is currently receiving lots of love until she finds a forever home.

Bridges is one lucky cat for staying on the safe side. We hope that he gets to find his forever loving family soon.

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