Rare Moment When Golden Retriever Gives Birth To A Green Puppy

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One of the things that make Golden retrievers adorable is their golden, flowing mane. But this one Golden Retriever in Scotland made headlines when she gave birth to a green puppy.

Rio, Louise Sutherland’s three-year-old Golden Retriever recently gave birth to a litter of healthy and beautiful puppies. There’s nothing unusual about a cute litter of Golden Retriever pups. They’re adorable, of course, but what stood out is a green puppy.

This Golden Retriever pup was born green!

The Sun

Louise was surprised to see Rio’s green puppy when she gave birth to the litter on July 7.

Of course, the green puppy was aptly named Forest.

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So how did forest become a different shade than his siblings?

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While it’s not a common occurrence, a puppy born green does happen and it has happened before. The phenomenon is a result of green bile (biliverdin) in the bitch’s placenta somehow mixing with the amniotic fluid.

Forest got an instant fur dye but this temporary shade will just fade over time. Still, that didn’t change the fact that Forest became a viral sensation because of its adorably green hue.

Look! Forest’s green color is starting to fade.

The Sun

Source: The Sun