This Grandpa Went Undercover, Secretly Raising Kittens Behind His Wife’s Back


Grandpa Jimmy started secretly raising kittens when his wife told him that they cannot have them on their property. The 85-year-old sweet guy has been hiding the strays behind his wife’s back. According to his granddaughter Syl, Jimmy has been feeding the stray cats at the back of the house.

Jimmy happens to have a secret place where his wife doesn’t go. There he’s secretly raising the kittens and leaving them food. Jimmy just felt sorry for the little furballs that he couldn’t resist them.

There was this cat, which was really friendly and she happened to love Grandpa Jimmy. Also, it turned out that the cat was pregnant. Although he knew that his wife would not agree with having cats around, especially kittens that need attention, Jimmy didn’t have it in him to let the pregnant cat be without getting help. Nothing could stop Jimmy so he started an undercover operation of secretly raising kittens.

This 85-year-old grandpa named Jimmy wouldn’t want to abandon a pregnant cat that became attached to him.

He knew his wife would object to having kittens around.

So he started an undercover operation of secretly raising kittens without his wife’s knowledge.

Once the cat has given birth, Jimmy started taking care of the kittens in his shed.

After the kittens were born, Jimmy housed them in his shed. This went on for a while without his wife suspecting a thing. She wasn’t aware the whole time there are kittens in her property.

But after three weeks, the wife eventually found out that Jimmy has been secretly raising kittens and has turned his shed into a cat nursery.

In a heartwarming twist, the wife didn’t mind and she was even okay with having kittens around.

Grandpa is secretly raising kittens behind his wife's back

Jimmy and his wife will wait for the kittens to grow bigger before they will be off to a new forever loving home.

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