5 Ways To Deal With And Move Forward From The Loss Of a Beloved Cat


It’s never easy to lose someone who’s become a huge part of your life and a cat is no exception. You’ll feel empty knowing you’ve lost that creature that brought you so much joy and pure happiness. The house will seem so quiet and dull without the loving meows, the rubbing, and bunting. It’s just not the same without the cat, whether you had him for decades or months.

The pain is real and just as when you started to slowly recover, you stumble upon his or her favorite squeaky toy. It brings back all the great memories you had with your furball that you wish you could bring back. The truth is there’s no bringing your feline best friend back and you only have memories to hold on to. Not all people will understand because some of them will think “it’s just a cat.” But if you are one to have lost a beloved cat, here are five ways to help you deal with it better and move on from the hurt.

#1. Find someone you can talk to

As mentioned, not all people will understand the deep emotions you feel after having lost a beloved cat. In this case, you need to surround yourself with people who genuinely know what it’s like to love and be loved by a cat. You’d be fortunate if you have friends who are non-cat owners who can still respect your feelings.

At some point, you will encounter people who will tell you that “it’s just a cat,” and while they will never understand, you should never take to heart those kinds of comments as it will only stress you out further.

#2. Let yourself cry

It’s okay to cry and you have the right to shed your tears. Holding back those strong emotions will only hurt you more in the future. You don’t have to face this situation alone for the most part, especially if you have a family and if the cat not only belongs to you.

#3. Allow yourself to grieve alone

If necessary, let yourself grieve quietly alone. You may need others to be with you in the grieving stage but if you are the kind who also needs to have time to yourself to process the pain, so be it. You can be of both worlds. You know yourself better. So you go do you.

#4. Take care of yourself

Because grief can take a toll on you physically, it’s important to stay focused so you will be good to your body. Remember that there are things that you can do to feel good inside.

#5. Remember the wonderful memories

L:osing a beloved cat can be hard but it takes focus to stay positive and think about happy memories

Honor your cat’s life by remembering all the good times you had with him. It’s easy to get caught up in the grief but you should try to stay focused and think more about the funny and happy moments with your beloved cat.

Did you lose a beloved cat? How did you deal with it? Sound off in the comments section below.