Here’s How To Lovingly Groom Your Senior Cat So They Keep Smelling Clean


Cats are known to be efficient groomers. Most people are often fascinated by the fact that cats love to keep themselves clean. However, they are just like most humans when it comes to hygiene. When they age, senior cats are no longer as effective as they were when they are much younger. This is why their owners are there to support them and make sure they don’t smell.

Taking care of a senior cat is challenging but it can be a rewarding experience. The once flexible cat can no longer clean hard-to-reach areas on the body because of aging. But in this sweet video by Gianna Zimmerman, cat owners are showed how to lovingly groom a senior cat.

Gianna Zimmerman demonstrates how to properly groom a senior cat.


Zimmerman owns an elderly cat named Garfield. She shows fellow cat lovers how to provide “elderly care” to a cat so they won’t go smelly over time. Zimmerman, who used 18-year-old Garfield in the demonstration, stressed out the importance of routine grooming, especially for senior cats so they can get ride of old fur and the smell of urine and poop.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to clean your senior cat. Zimmerman demonstrates that it can take only five minutes for your furbaby to become clean and fresh again.

Elderly cats are no longer as efficient in grooming.


It’s a great way to bond with your cat and show them how much you care and love them and appreciate their loyalty through the years.

The best part of it all, your cat will definitely love you for it.

Check out the video on how to groom a senior cat below.

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