Himalayan Cat Grooming – Care Tips for That Himalayan Fur


All cat breeds are beautiful but many cat owners would agree that the Himalayan cat stands out. The gorgeous cross between a Persian and Siamese are loved for their calm temperament and their silky coat. However, this very coat is what demands so much from the owner that Himalayan cat grooming takes time and effort.

The Himalayan breed starts out with a normal coat, just like any other kittens. But once this lovely feline reaches six months, the coat starts to thicken and here’s when grooming the Himalayan cat becomes an important part of your cat care routine.

Do Himalayan Cats Shed?

Yes, Himalayan cats shed and this is one of the reasons why you need to groom them regularly. Neglect this bunch of fur for only a few days and you’ll be dealing with messy knots and tangles.

Can you shave a Himalayan cat? To shave long-haired cats is one decision homeowners have to make to help decrease matted fur and for overall hygiene of the cat. However, this is found to be unnecessary. Daily grooming, on the other hand, helps minimize matted fur.

Here are top grooming tips on how you can maintain the Himalayan cat’s perfect coat.

Himalayan Cat Grooming Preparation

Grooming Himalayan cat is important to prevent tangles on their long fur.

A Himalayan cat grooming session should be comfortable for both the animal and the groomer. If you’re doing it yourself at home, the process will be easier if your cat stands on a table, preferably on a rubber mat just to prevent slipping. Putting your high up gives you posture advantage. This also gives you more control compared to grooming your cat on the floor.

Brushing Daily at Home

Photo: Joseph Morris/Flickr

A Himalayan cat’s hair gets matted easily, which is why daily brushing is important. Matting is painful for the cat, and at the same time, cumbersome to deal with for the owners. The use of brushes appropriate for long-haired breeds like the Himalayan can make the task easier.

  • Using a soft-bristle brush or a slicker brush can help remove excess hair that might contribute to tangles and matting.
  • You can carefully untangle fur with your fingers but if tangles are too stubborn, there’s the option of cutting the matted area. When trimming fur, make sure to avoid your cat’s whiskers. If you don’t want your Himalayan’s fur length to be affected, a dematting brush is the perfect tool for this problem.
  • Once the fur is free from tangles and excess dead hair, get your wide-toothed comb and carefully comb over the fur. This should help you spot areas you have missed. After which, get the fine-toothed comb and run through your Himalayan cat’s fur one more time.
Himalayan cat grooming can be fun if you do it the right way
Photo: Flickr

BONUS TIP: Keep a bowl of treats near you so you can reward your furball once the Himalayan cat grooming session has ended.

Cat teeth

Photo: Joseph Morris/Flickr

Taking care of your cat’s teeth is also an important part of cat care routine. If you are still dealing with a Himalayan kitten, make sure you start brushing its teeth so it will get used to the feeling. As your cat grows older, dental care won’t be much of a problem. Frequent brushing is required and remember to use toothpaste approved by your veterinarian.

Basic Care and Himalayan Cat Grooming Tips

Regular Himalayan cat grooming is important to make this magnificent breed look even more stunning

Apart from making sure that your Himalayan’s coat is perfectly smooth and free from tangles, don’t forget other basic care like trimming the nails, which is usually done weekly. Bathing is also recommended but only once a month. Also, don’t forget to check for any fleas. Fine-toothed combs can be used to help spot fleas on your feline.

Every week, check your cat’s ears for any redness or foul smell that might signal an infection. If your cat’s ears look dirty, use a dampened cotton ball paired with a vet-recommended cleanser to clean the area. Start basic care early, when your Himalayan is still a kitten so that grooming becomes an acceptable activity as your cat grows older.

Get a Groomer

Once in a while, your Himalayan cat should visit or contact a groomer for professional care. You can let your groomer give your Himalayan a stylish haircut and an overall makeover.


  1. My himalayn cat was 1 year old in febuary 5 2020 his coat was beautiful and his tail was big and beautiful but now he is sconny looking his tail looks terriable what would be wrong

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