Recognizing Heat Exhaustion in Dogs And How To Prevent It


Summer is just around the corner and it’s going to be a hot season for your furry friends. While it may be the perfect time to frolic on the beach and let your pooch enjoy the breeze while hanging his head out of the window, the weather can get too hot for them to handle.

If you can’t help cool down your dogs this summer, they can be at risk of having a heat stroke. While dogs can cool themselves off through panting, it may not be enough to stay cooler especially in areas where temperatures can get too high. As their human, you need to be on the lookout for signs of heat exhaustion in dogs.

Don’t hold back on summer fun with your dog.

Heat exhaustion should not stop you from having fun with your dogs in summer
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There are 3 signs to help you recognize heat exhaustion in dogs

  1. Heavy panting with excessive drooling
  2. Rapid heavy breathing
  3. Pale gums

If you’re positive your dog experiences all those symptoms, it’s time to move him to a cooler area, probably an air-conditioned room, and contact your trusted vet immediately.

Always let your dog have access to clean and fresh water.

You can also prevent heat exhaustion from happening to your dog in the first place. When the season brings warmer temperatures, see to it that your dog ALWAYS has access to clean and fresh water to help him cool off.

Do not let your dog exert too much effort. Also, provide a shaded area for your dog to rest in.

Prevent heat exhaustion in dogs this summer by allowing him to cool off under a shade.

There are plenty of ways you can provide shade for your dogs. You can buy a canopy for your canine companion just to help protect him from the harsh heat of the sun. More importantly, do not leave your dog inside your car. Even with repetitive reminders to never leave a dog inside a parked car even for a few minutes, there are still people who do this.

Heat exhaustion in dogs should not be the reason why you don’t want to have summer fun with your furry best friend. If you observe precautions on beating the heat, your dog can just have enough fun under the sun.