5 Tips To Help Your Rescue Cat Settle In Its New Home


So now you have a rescue kitten. What’s next? Things won’t be easy the moment you bring one home but the journey will be worth the while. A rescue kitten’s transition to their new forever home will not always be smooth. But as an owner who understands what your kitten has been through, helping make the adjustments is important as your cat is settling in.

1. The rescue kitten’s first ride home should be smooth

Getting your cat to your home should be as stress-free as possible. Owners who live near a shelter would be lucky enough not having to travel miles just to pick up a rescue kitten. But for those who need to drive a thousand miles, the ride home for the rescue kitty should be smooth.

The first time you drive a rescue kitten home, make sure that the furball is comfortable inside its pet carrier. Head to your destination immediately and don’t go for stopovers.

2. Prepare a cat-friendly home

One should have already considered cat-proofing their home before bringing in a kitten, especially one that is rescued. If other pets or little children are present, you may want to exercise caution when introducing them to each other.

A rescue kitten would need time to adjust to the new home

It’s best to separate the kitten from other pets until they become familiar with each other. Kids should also be aware beforehand that a rescue kitten is coming home to join the family.

3. Keep the kitty indoors as much as possible.

You may be happy to know that your rescue kitten is adapting well to the new home, but keep in mind that it is still not familiar with the surrounding areas in your home. Do not ever let your cat explore the outside of your home, as he is at risk of the outdoor dangers. The innocent kitten could also run away, putting itself further at risk.

Be delicate when handling a rescue kitten and mixing him with other pets

4. Let your rescue kitten have place to sleep uninterrupted

Your new rescue would want to have some sleep several times a day. It’s good to let the kitten have a quiet space to rest without getting interrupted. Make your cat comfortable as possible by providing soft blankets or bed.

5. Go easy with pet integration

Mixing your rescue with your existing pets is a delicate situation for everyone involved. Your existing pets could be jealous while you constantly worry about the new family member. When introducing them to each other, make sure that the environment is supervised. Just remember not to rush things; they will soon fall into place.

h/t: iheartcats

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