Hero Cat Risks Life To Save Family From Fire


Animals can be heroes, too. There have been many stories about beloved pets who put their lives at risk just to make sure their humans are safe from danger. One such story is of a Tortie named Tink.

The year was 2016, and the highly sensitive feline, who was then five years old, knew just what to do when Claire and Russell Hopkinson’s home was caught on fire while they were asleep. The smart Tortie woke up Claire just in time to escape the smoke, the Sunday Express reported.

Meet Tink the tortie, who saved her family from a fire.

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As Claire had said, she was unaware of the danger when she felt the thud on her legs and she saw that it was Tink. Tink never sleeps on her humans bed, which means that it was unlikely for her to be there. But when Claire opened her eyes, she could see the white smoke.

She also shared to the publication how dangerous it would have been for her two sons, if Tink never woke her up.

“My two sons sleep with their doors shut and when I opened Scott’s door, this thick black smoke bellowed out. The smoke had passed through the vent straight into his room and he was fast asleep. Because his door was shut the smoke hadn’t yet reached the fire alarm.  Without Tink waking me, Scott would have been in huge danger.”

The family hurried to get outside but during the commotion, Tink hid behind the cupboard because she’d been frightened. The smoke got to her and she fell unconscious. Firefighters tried to bring her back by giving her some oxygen.

Tink woke up her human mom when the fire broke out.

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If it weren’t for this hero cat, the family wouldn’t have made it out alive.

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Fortunately, Tink made it through safely. Hopkinson was grateful to have the family cat, she told BBC. As a valued member of the family, Tink has a special place in each and everyone’s hearts and it would have devastated the family if they lost her in the fire.

Tink the tortoiseshell cat was given the title Cat of the Year in 2016 for her heroic deed.

h/t: Cats Protection