Hero Cat Saves Abandoned Infant From Possible Death – This Is Why Cats Are Awesome

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It’s pretty rare for a cat to be portrayed as a hero but one headline has caught our attention – “hero cat saves baby from freezing to death in Russian street.”

Yes, this is true. A cat named Masha has been called as a superhero after saving a baby’s life in Russia.

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The stray cat has spent all her life in the streets of Obinisk, Russia. Although people in the neighborhood constantly give the homeless cat some food, this part of the country is pretty cold for a living creature to survive outside.

One day, Irna Lavoraa, who lives in the area where the cat always wanders, heard a strange noise while throwing trash outside her house. She followed the noise until she realized that it sounded like Masha meowing.

She quickly hurried down the stairs to see if the poor cat is okay; however, nobody has prepared her for what she is about to discover in the basement.

She found an abandoned infant placed in a cardboard box in the chilly damp cellar space. Sitting next to the baby is Masha meowing to help the little boy.

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According to the authorities, the infant who is estimated to be around 3 months old has been lying there for several hours. However, the baby appears to be pretty healthy.

Apparently, Masha’s company has kept the baby warm until they finally got some help.

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The infant was quickly rushed to the nearest hospital. The paramedics said that Masha chased them after they had taken off – probably to make sure that the baby survives!

“She was so worried about where we were taking the baby. She ran right behind us, meowing. She was really a rational creature,” said the ambulance driver Vera Ivanina to the International Business Times.

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According to the people in the neighborhood, Masha waited for several at the same spot where the baby was found. She was probably hoping for the ambulance to come back.

Thanks to this superhero cat, the baby has completely recovered and now the police are searching for his parents.

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“She (Masha) is very calm and friendly, so when I heard her mewling, I at first thought she might have hurt herself. But clearly, it was just her maternal instincts taking over and she wanted to protect the child,” said Irna Lavora.

Because of what happened, Masha has become a local celebrity and more people have promised to spoil her with daily treats.

We hope that one of them will finally adopt Masha and give him a furever home so she will never spend a day again in the icy weather outside.


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