House Cat Becomes A Hero After Stopping Burglar, Saves Human Mom


A house cat is now being called a superhero after the brave feline did something that caught (even his owner) everyone by surprise.

Binky the house cat stopped a burglar climbing in the window of his human’s house in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Meet Binky the house cat!


At around midnight, a would-be burglar showed up at the house of Cynthia Kootz on Finley Avenue determined to get in. However, Binky had something else in mind and was already waiting for to do the unimaginable.

“I was shocked the first time he started growling,” said Kootz.

Binky’s owner was alarmed when she heard her house cat growling. She went to the garage to check if there was something going on, but there was nothing. A few minutes later, she saw a man banging on the house’s front patio window.

“I mean he was beating and kicking… trying to tell me there were men trying to shoot and kill him, you’ve got to let me in!”

Kootz got suspicious even after the man offered to show some identification. When the burglar realized that the owner was not going to let him in, he tried to force his way by climbing over the window. That is when everything turned really ugly for him. Binky surprised him with his sharp fangs!

“The next thing I knew, his hand went through that thing and then Binky went after him.”

Kootz immediately called 911 while Binky was busy attacking the burglar. He made several attempts but the house cat was so determined not to let him in.

“Binky blew up like a balloon and got him again,” said Kootz.

The cops later arrested the suspect, who was later identified as Earl Scruggs. Paramedics were called in to check on his wounds that were apparently caused by Binky.

According to Kootz, Binky loves to play with kids and the people they know, but certainly, hates would-be burglars!

house cat

Binky definitely saved his human mom that day.

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H/T: NBCNews