Homeless Cat Brings Her Kitties To Campers Who Gave Her Food To Eat

Michael S

When a father and his son went out on a camping trip, they came across four felines and decided to give them home.

The father whose name is Michael always brings his son to a secret spot that they often visit to camp. However, during their last camping, an uninvited guest decided to show up.

“When we arrived there was a cat. It was quite skinny and obviously abandoned,” Michael said.

Michael S

While Michael was setting up their camp, his son immediately became friends with the homeless cat. It was obvious that both would become best friends as they pet each other like old pals.

“My son gets to work trying to catch some blue gill to feed the cat since we only brought enough food for dinner and breakfast,” Michael said.

Michael S

The cat was clearly fascinated by the attention and love given to her by Michael’s son. “I am struggling to not trip over (her) while I gather wood.”

After having a nice meal with the homeless cat, the feline quickly disappeared into the dark. Michael and his son couldn’t find the feline and decided to hit the sack.

“A couple hours later I wake up to some noise and go outside to check. Now instead of two eyes staring at me I see eight glowing eyes reflecting the light from my phone,” Michael added.

Michael S

The cat came back. This time she tagged along three kittens and introduced them to her new human friends.

“She brought the kittens back to the campsite while I was sleeping.”

Michael S

Michael was definitely surprised by the beautiful kittens and realized that it is dangerous to leave them in the woods, so they decided to bring all of them home.

“The next morning we caught over 13 blue gill and a couple catfish. Let’s just say by the end of the day the momma cat was stuffed.”

“There is no way this cat was not domesticated the way she craves human attention.”

Michael S

The cat and her three kittens have found a home and they are safe and happy now. Michael and his family will be taking the kitties to the animal clinic this week and will have them spayed/neutered when they are ready.

Michael S

“It’s been a week now and they love it here. My family has decided we are keeping all of them,” Michael added.

The sweet mama tabby found a family that was sweet to her and brought her little kitties to meet them, so they could have a chance at a better life.

Michael S

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