Homeless Kitten Knocks On Woman’s Door And Chooses Her To Be Her Human Mom


A kind hearted woman decided to go out one morning to catch some fresh air when she discovered an adorable kitten waiting for her at the door.

The homeless kitten became a lovely surprise for imgur MiraBearr.

“Opened my door Friday morning to this exact scene.”

Meet Tippy the homeless kitten


“She has eyebrows… so I’m immediately in love with her.”

“I let her inside and this is where she decided to be.”


“She can’t be more than a few months old, she’s super friendly and wants to be up my butt 24/7… we live in the country so I think someone must have dumped her.”

“She found a cozy spot to sleep that night too. I spent a few days really trying to find her a good home… but my 5-year-old is quite attached already.”

“And I think she likes it here too. Her name is Tippy. She picked the right door.”

Although Tippy appears to be in good health, MiraBearr will bring the kitten to the Vet on Monday to make sure he gets all the medical attention she needs.

Tippy decided to knock on this woman’s door and chose them to become her furever family. The lucky kitten now has a home she can call her own!

homeless kitten adopted

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Source: imgur