Kitten With Eye Infection Was Almost Put Down, 2 Years Later – He’s The Most Adorable


Baby animals still need the help they can get just to survive every day. For abandoned animals, all they have is their instinct to survive. It’s already fortunate if a human comes to the rescue and give the abandoned ones a chance to live.

For Gozer the kitten, getting picked up from the streets was supposed to be a start of something new. However, he contracted an eye infection and his rescuer decided that she can no longer take care of him. She dropped him off at the vet clinic with the intention to have him put down.

One would think that it was the end of Gozer’s story, but fate seems to be on Gozer’s side as there are somehow genuinely kind-hearted people willing to help animals in need, just like him.

Gozer the cat was only three weeks when he contracted a serious eye infection.

sup3rnint3ndo / Reddit

He got it from the streets before his rescuer picked him up.

sup3rnint3ndo / Reddit

However, Gozer’s then-human wouldn’t want to spend for his treatment that she decided to turn him over to the vet for euthanasia.

When the veterinarian took a look at Gozer, he didn’t push through with euthanasia because he knew that the eye infection can be treated. What Gozer needed was someone who genuinely loves animals and someone who won’t hesitate to give some tender love and care.

A Reddi user su2rnint2ndo was working at the clinic that time when the poor kitten was brought in. When she saw Gozer, she immediately fell in love and the kitten felt the same way. su2rnint2ndo became Gozer’s new human and she worked just to get him better.

It’s been two years since Gozer found a new life with su2rnint2ndo and look at how much he’s changed!

sup3rnint3ndo / Reddit

It was fortunate for him that he was given a second life.

sup3rnint3ndo / Reddit

It’s obvious how happy Gozer is now that he’s living with people who genuinely love him.

sup3rnint3ndo / Reddit

Gozer has also grown up to be a loving cat, who doesn’t fight with other animals.

sup3rnint3ndo / Reddit

Gozer looks Goofy and his new family says he likes to make funny faces. He’s quirky — and that’s what’s special about him.

sup3rnint3ndo / Reddit

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