This Kitten Surprised Firefighters During The Devastating California Wildfires


Residents in Napa County, California have been affected by devastating wildfires ravaging the state lately. Unfortunately, many people have lost their homes, properties, and even pets from this tragedy. Seemingly, nobody that crossed path with the ravaging wildfires could have possibly survived without a scratch, until they discovered a grey kitten taking shelter in a demolished house.

Chief Aaron Watkins of the Truckee Fire Engine 292 and Amador Fire found the little grey kitten.

“Yesterday, October 17th, while working on the #AtlasFire, the #Truckee Fire crew on Engine 292 noticed a small cat run across a burnt hillside and into a hole in the side of the foundation of a destroyed house.”

“Knowing the land surrounding the foundation was still scattered with hot ash and burning roots, the crew knew it was best to do what they could to get the cat to safety.”

“ As you can see, the young cat was able to be pulled from under the house and, along with their Strike Team Leader, E292’s crew was able to get the cat safely to an animal shelter where it will hopefully be reunited with its family.”

“Luckily, the cat only appeared to have some slightly singed hair and no visible burns.”

The little grey kitten had minor burns but it is going to be okay. It is currently being treated at Napa Animal Control.

Thanks to the heroic intervention of the firefighters during the wildfires, the adorable little kitty has survived and is now being called as a miracle kitten. The people who are currently taking care of it now is hoping to find its owners. They also hope that if they can’t locate them, the sweet kitten will find someone that is willing to give him a new forever home.

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H/T: Truckee Fire Protection District