Kitten Found Dehydrated And Half-Starved Snuggles Up Rescuer’s Shoulder And Won’t Let Go



Sandra has always been a great foster mom for kittens found in Los Angeles, California. She would do her best to look after as many kittens as possible. She has always been successful in making sure all the kittens get a loving forever home.

Meet the fostered kitten, Woody!


One of Sandra’s fostered kittens, Woody, has an interesting story. Woody is aptly named because the adorable kitten was found to be all by himself in a woodpile. His mother or siblings were not in sight. He was found very dehydrated and half-starved.

Woody was entrusted to Sandra, who gave him all the love he needed. He was fed and cleaned up, and Sandra made sure she was with him as he recovers.

“If it wasn’t for someone like Sandra, Woody might not be with us today.”


Woody has found perching on Sandra’s shoulder and purring into her ear his favorite things to do. Thanks to Sandra’s efforts, Woody gets to live a better life.


Watch the heartwarming video below!

Woody has since been adopted and is now living with his loving mom!

“Bought this sweet little baby home yesterday 💗 World, meet Woody 😻💤 So in love with him already!
This little guy was found alone and disheveled in a wood pallet – a huge thank you to his foster mom @lafosterkittens for taking such amazing care of him for the first part of his life 💞 So grateful to all the foster momma’s out there!”


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