Kitten Trapped Inside Wall In A Family Home Saved By Firefighters


A family in Fort Lauderdale discovered a trapped kitten inside the wall of their home. They knew that instant that they had to do something to help the poor creature out – even if that means destroying their own home.

The family was just going about their usual business when suddenly they heard a faint meow from inside the house. They were certain there are no cats around but they just keep hearing the sound. They then realized that they have an unexpected guess somewhere trapped inside the wall – a trapped kitten. The family soon called Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue.

With a thermal imaging device, the fire crew was able to locate where the meowing is coming from. The fire crew told the homeowner that they will need to tear a hole in the wall to make sure that the trapped kitten will be out safely.

This kitten was found trapped inside the wall of a family home.

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue

Firefighters had to tear a hole in the wall just to get the kitten out safely.

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue

The homeowner immediately agreed to the firefighter’s plan of tearing a hole in the wall just to get the trapped calico kitten out. The rescuers took out the trapped kitten and cleaned and fed it. The firefighters stayed with the orphan until they found a rescue group that would welcome her.

“It was a stray that either the mother cat carried into the attic to keep it safe or gave birth up there and this one just wandered,” deputy fire chief Timothy Heiser told ABC.

Firefighters took the kitten to have it cleaned up and fed.

Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue

The kitten, once trapped inside a home, is now living with a foster mom, Julie Schaefer. She has also found a new friend and they both drink from a bottle. Schaefer told LoveMeow:

“She’s doing great at drinking from the bottle. The two kittens are like sisters. It will probably be about five more weeks (until they are ready for adoption), as they only weigh .4 lb now.”

Julie Schaefer

[Featured Image by Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue]

h/t: LoveMeow

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